Our latest addon lets you connect WHMCS with Slack. We have made this addon super simple to use, you can connect events such as when a ticket is opened or a new invoice is created and post this directly to one or more channels on Slack. This gives you instant updates and better oversight of your business. All this for only $9.99 and is available here.

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You can find some of our scripts and plugins over at Code Canyon. Code Canyon has a bunch of nice plugins and scripts to solve lots of different problems. We use them on our own sites in addition to many of our clients websites.

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Are you looking for a new design or a solution for a new idea? We highly recommend looking at Themeforest. They have thousands of templates and ready made websites to help you launch your next idea. If you neeed help making changes to your theme we are ready to help you and it is how we usually work with our clients to offer them the best deal possible.

Awesome Themes And Templates


Mar 6th Anveto Affiliate Anywhere Plus 1.4 Now Available

Version 1.4 is now available which adds the ability to exclude affiliate comissions based on the product billing interval. For example, you may want to offer affiliate comissions on annual sign ups but not monthly sign ups, now you can do that by editing the product and navigating to the "Other" tab. Users who are upgrading from version 1.3 ... Read More »

Jan 2nd Anveto Affiliate Anywhere 1.3 Now Available

Version 1.3 is now out which adds better support for WHMCS version 6.* and also tries to be backwards compatible with version 5.*.

The addon is available on our downloads page https://anveto.com/downloads/2/WHMCS

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